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Debi Slone

Ms. Slone

Welcome to Art!

   Students taking art will be offered experiences with a variety of media, master taught techniques all while creating both 2D and 3D artworks.  These artworks will be from inspirations of different artists, from read literature or cultures from different time periods, across continents and throughout the world.  

I have had a love for teaching and art my whole life and was St. John’s Elementary 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year as well as being chosen a 2014-2015 Honor Roll Teacher for the District.

Born in Florida, I have lived many places across the country including Montana, Missouri and Maryland.   I have resided in Florence, SC since 1991.  I am not only an art teacher, but a practicing artist and author as well. I am the proud parent of three: two boys and a girl.   My hobbies include travel, camping, hiking and gardening.  I love the outdoors and creating art.