Useful Links

Parents may find the following helpful:  (parenting advice)  (resources and information on autism) (resources and information on autism)  (National Center for Learning Disabilities)  (website for learning disabilities and ADHD)  (Federal Government website for people with disabilities)  (federal laws/rules and answers to questions)  (information about apps/technology for people with disabilities)   (Georgia's Assistive Technology information)  (technology for people with disabilities)  (what to look for with gang involvement)     (Darlington County Library website)  (Positive Behavioral Interventionist supports)   (special education law and advocacy)  (National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities; funding ends on 9/30/14)  Make practice handwriting sheets   (print paper for students to write on)    (learn about many things)

Find educational activities at: (free e-books)